Engineering Services
Within Airbus Defence and Space Customer Services, Engineering Support provides products and services that comprise:

• Technical Publications
• Customer Technical Assistance & Field Representatives
• Service Engineering
• Data integration & Configuration Management
• Supportability Services

Airbus Defence and Space provides all the technical documentation necessary for safe and cost effective maintenance of its aircraft. Manuals are available on different formats: printed books, CD-ROM or web versions.

An international team of dedicated experts is trained to rapidly solve any technical issue. Technical Assistance Center (including 24/7 assistance by phone and on-site support by skilled specialists) is the front office for all the day-to-day customer technical queries.

Service Engineering is a multi-skilled team responsible for providing to our customers technical support and engineering advice required to maintain their fleet’s Continuous Airworthiness in a cost effective manner.

Airbus Defence and Space is also willing to provide all those services oriented to maintain fleet’s configuration and obsolescence management database, initiating changes as necessary.

Maintenance Program Document (MPD), Logistic Support Analysis (LSA), Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCC) and Level of Repair Analysis (LORA) are examples of products that we are usually producing under Supportability Services as well as identification, recommendation, development and validation of Ground Support Equipment (GSE) applicable to our platforms and achievable maintenance level by our customers.

Though mainly Airbus Defence and Space platform oriented, we will be pleased to offer you these products and services for the any other platforms that do not belong to our company.
Tech Pubs
Airbus Defence and Space develops a complete range of manuals to carry out the maintenance and repair of all its aircraft types. All these manuals are customized specifically for each aircraft version and are updated regularly with deliveries of revisions in printed and electronic formats.

Through our Customer Web Portal all the digital manuals will be available for use online or to be downloaded. The Technical Publications Revision Service provides access to all the maintenance tools and products offered by Airbus Defence and Space not just during the purchase contract period, but throughout the life of the aircraft.