Experienced candidates
Experience Candidates
In order to respond to the growing demand for even more versatile aircraft to fulfil a growing range of missions, be it for purely military airlift, surveillance and refuelling purposes, but even more so in the most diverse civic and humanitarian activities for the benefit of society, Airbus Military needs the best team in the world to help it design, build, and support the best possible platforms for these services.

Find out more about employment opportunities at Airbus Military in Spain and other different countries.
Early career
Airbus Military leads the way in innovation by attracting the most talented people. This is why we want the best. We offer a range of different career opportunities depending on individual needs and aspirations, whilst adapting to different stages in professional development. 

For graduates, several opportunities exist to begin work in Airbus Military in different technical and business areas.

Find out more about employment opportunities at Airbus Military in Spain and other different countries.
At Airbus Military, we see the value of being able to offer an insight into the working world of military aviation, in particular through internship and apprenticeship programmes as part of Development Partnerships with key Spanish universities. These opportunities allow students to apply what they have learnt in the classroom, while developing practical skills such as communication, project management and international team working.

These opportunities bridge the gap between theory and practice early in a student’s career advance their personal development and mean they’re better placed to compete for qualified positions. There are essentially two options:

Apprenticeships / Aeronautic School Students

Airbus Military offers apprenticeships to technical students wanting to get an Official Aeronautical Certificate .The programme combines practical work with study at its sites in Andalucía and Madrid, with 80% of the trainees having subsequently been recruited, either directly or within EADS or its subcontractors.
Please note that, due to the limited number of apprenticeships available, Airbus Military only accepts applications from its partner technical schools.


There are options to work in disciplines such as engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, HR, finance, IT and communications. The programme gives an invaluable insight into potential career paths.

Airbus Military also supports final year students who are working towards their Bachelor or Masters thesis. We offer challenging projects tackling real problems, thereby increasing technical, methodological and social skills. These usually last five to six months and students can apply in the same way as a regular internship.

We offer internships to students from a wide variety of academic backgrounds. To qualify, you must be enrolled in a university and be looking for a placement that will last between three months and one year. Listed below are some of the disciplines you may be studying, although this list is not exhaustive and should not prevent you from applying if you’re studying another subject:
• Aeronautical/Mechanical/Manufacturing Engineering
• Electrical/Electronic Engineering
• Flight Physics • Computer Sciences
• Fluid Dynamics/Aerodynamics
• Supply Chain & Logistics/Procurement
• Human Resources
• Finance/Business Studies
• Marketing/Communications
To qualify for an internship you must be enrolled in a university that has signed or is willing to sign the Airbus internships agreement. An internship must be a mandatory part of your studies and last between 6 and 11 months (we do not offer summer internships).

As at Airbus, of which Airbus Military is a subsidiary, English is the main business language. It is therefore it is vital that you can work competently in this language. Depending on the sector in which you will be working, it will be appropriate for you to also be able to work in a Spanish environment.