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April 2016

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Airbus Military ferries first C212 to Vietnam Marine Police

Airbus Military has delivered to Vietnam the first of three C212-400 maritime patrol aircraft ordered by the Vietnam Marine Police.

The aircraft, manufactured in Seville, Spain was handed over at Gia Lam (Hanoi) at the end of a 10-day ferry flight from Skavsta, Sweden following installation of its mission system. It was formally delivered last year prior to the conversion work in Sweden.

The flight, commanded by ferry pilot Capt Alejandro Grande supported by two co-pilots, two flight engineers and a technical representative, staged through: Kosice, Slovakia; Sitia, Greece; Luxor, Egypt; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Muscat, Oman; Ahmedabad and Kolkata, India;and Chiang Mai, Thailand; en route to Hanoi.

The three aircraft will be used for a range of missions including coastal patrol, search and rescue, anti-pollution operations, and law enforcement against smuggling of goods or people. 

A second aircraft is under conversion in Sweden and the third will be transferred from Seville by the end of the year.

A total of 478 C212s have been ordered by operators in 42 countries worldwide.

The photo shows the Airbus Military crew being greeted by senior officers of the Vietnam Marine Police.


About C212
The outstanding reliability demonstrated by more than three million flight hours makes the C212 the most successful aircraft in the light transport and surveillance sectors for an extremely wide variety of missions. With a maximum payload of 2.8 tonnes and the capability of being equipped with an advanced mission system, it is proven in operations in austere conditions and extreme weather for long periods of time. Its STOL performance with low- pressure tyres allows unrestricted operations on soft and unpaved fields in hot and high altitude conditions. Its excellent handling qualities and rapid engine response ensure the highest level of manoeuvrability at very low altitudes. The C212´s simple design and low maintenance requirements give it the lowest life-cycle costs in its class.
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