Orders and Deliveries

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March 2015

Total orders 1855
Total deliveries 1364
In operation 1093

Latest news
Royal Australian Air Force to acquire two more Airbus A330 MRTTs
Airbus Defence and Space is to provide two more Airbus A330 Multi Role Transport Tankers (A330 MRTT) to the Royal Australian Air Force under the terms of a newly signed contract. The agreement was announced by the Australian Minister for Defence today.
Statement South Korea selection of A330 MRTT
Airbus Defence and Space set to resume A400M deliveries
Lifting of restrictions permits all aircraft to fly subject to completion of checks
Saudi Arabia orders four Airbus C295W aircraft
The Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia has purchased in open competition, and after carrying out a complete evaluation, four C295W aircraft to enhance its capabilities.
Statement regarding Alert Operator Transmission (AOT) to A400M operators
Airbus Defence and Space has today (Tuesday 19 May) sent an Alert Operator Transmission (AOT) to all operators of the A400M informing them about specific checks to be performed on the fleet.
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