Orders and Deliveries

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April 2016

Total orders 1882
Total deliveries 1440
In operation 1134

Latest news
Mali becomes latest customer for C295W
Airbus Defence and Space has secured its first order in 2016 for the market-leading C295W transport and mission aircraft.
Philippines Air Force accepts C295 fleet
The Philippines Air Force has taken delivery of the third and final Airbus C295 medium transport aircraft ordered from Airbus Defence and Space.
Airbus Defence and Space and Provincial Aerospace Announce Creation of AirPro SAR Services
Today, following the submission of their proposal for Canada’s Fixed Wing Search and Rescue (FWSAR) replacement program; Airbus Defence and Space and Provincial Aerospace formally announced the establishment of AirPro SAR Services (AirPro).
France confirms order for eight Airbus A330 MRTT tankers
Aircraft form second tranche of commitment for 12 announced in 2014.
Airbus C295W aircraft completes its tour of Latin America
An Airbus C295W aircraft belonging to the Mexican Navy (SEMAR) and operated by a mixed crew from Airbus Defence and Space and SEMAR/FAM (Mexican Air Force) today completed a month-long tour through Latin America demonstrating the aircraft’s extensive capabilities.
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