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April 2016

Total orders 1882
Total deliveries 1440
In operation 1134

Spain extends Airbus Military maintenance contract for C212 fleet

These C212 aircraft are used by the Fisheries Inspections Department for the surveillance of Spanish territorial waters.

The original contract was signed in 2000 and has already been extended on three previous occasions. The agreement covers the full and complete maintenance of these three aircraft and includes services such as repairs, parts provision, and scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance checks during the two year contract.

“We are increasing our range of services to allow customers to run their operations and maintenance more cost efficiently and with increased reliability. The extension of this contract is one example and a clear demonstration of the confidence that Spain has in Airbus Military products and services. We are very proud to continue supporting the C212 and look forward to many more years of cooperation”, said Head of Customer Services, Philippe Galland.

More than 800 delivered aircraft have the support of Airbus Military’s Customer Services, which offers personalized assistance to meet the needs of each operator. 

Airbus Military applies the Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) concept throughout the life cycle of its products, from the first design phase right through to the end of their useful lifetimes. Airbus Military’s main objective is to ensure that clients obtain the best operational performance and benefit from an integrated support service in accordance with their needs, 
thus guaranteeing the success of their missions.

About Airbus Military
Airbus Military is the only military and civic/humanitarian transport aircraft manufacturer to develop, produce, sell and support a comprehensive family of airlifters ranging from three to 45 tonnes of payload. Airbus Military’ highly versatile product range includes the robust and service proven, three to nine tonnes payload  “Light & Medium” Family, comprising the C212, the CN235 and the C295 “workhorses”, the all new 37 tonne A400M designed for the needs of the 21st century, as well as the A330 MRTT, the benchmark in Multi RoleTanker and Transport aircraft, and further military derivatives based on Airbus commercial aircraft. An Airbus daughter company, Airbus Military is the global leader in the market for military transport, tanker and surveillance aircraft able to perform the most varied missions. Altogether, Airbus Military has sold more than 1,000 aircraft to some 130 military, civilian and governmental customers. More than 800 of these aircraft have been delivered.

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