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Dec. 2014

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Airbus Military A400M demonstrates loading of helicopters

Airbus Military has successfully demonstrated the loading of NH Industries NH90 and Eurocopter EC725 helicopters onto the A400M new generation airlifter. In a series of tests at Holzdorf air base in Germany and at Toulouse, France respectively, the NH90 and EC725 were loaded onto, and unloaded from, the Grizzly 4 development aircraft as required for military Initial Operating Capability (IOC). The tests were the first demonstrations of the A400M´s cargo-carrying capability using a real aircraft, and represent the most challenging loads in terms of their dimensions required for IOC. They will be followed by further exercises showing the aircraft´s ability to carry a wide range of military equipment as required by the launch nations. The photo shows the EC725 on board the A400M. This image and an image of the NH90 loading can be downloaded in high-resolution at http://www.airbusmilitary.com/Multimedia/A400MPhotoGallery.aspx
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