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April 2016

Total orders 1882
Total deliveries 1440
In operation 1134

As evolution of the previous PZL-130 Orlik versions (TC-I and TC-II), which entered into service in 1993, Airbus Defence and Space EADS PZL Warszawa-Okecie´s Orlik MPT turboprop trainer fits more adequately within the scope of training from the basic to advanced phases, while representing the highest cost efficiency to the overall training system. The Orlik MPT enhances its predecessor capabilities following a glass cockpit design based on an open system architecture with modular concept, to create the appropriate experience for the trainee from primary and screening training phases, transition, instruments, formation, navigation to introduction for combat flights.
Orlik MPT Technology for Training excellence
  • Adaptable to different training needs. Orlik MPT Advanced package with Open flexible Glass Cockpit avionics. Orlik Basic package with synthetic cockpit avionics.
  • Advanced cockpit design, low trainee distraction. Total Field of View HUD and High Fidelity MFDs.
  • HOTAS control system for same operation as a fighter aircraft.
  • Dual ejection seats.
  • Enhanced handling characteristics. Easy to fly for student pilot, harmony of stick’s forces balance, natural and safety stall behaviors, perfect spin recovery, ability to train acrobatic maneuvers.
  • Lowest maintenance and operational costs in its category.
  • Underwing hard points for external stores.
For more information visit http://www.pzl.eads.net/