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April 2016

Total orders 483
Total deliveries 478
In operation 221

C212 Military Transport Aircraft
Able to carry up to 25 personnel or 2.8 tonne/6,200lb max payload, the C212 was designed to operate in austere environments for extended periods of time, without the need for ground support equipment. With the experience accumulated during its 35 years of reliable operations, during which it evolved up from the -100 to the -400 series, the C212 has become the market leader in service with military, government, and civil operators. Equipped for the widest range of missions in the sector, the C212 has been widely accepted as an ideal platform to conduct special missions and applications, in addition to its primary role as “transport” aircraft.

With proven experience in the most varied environments, ranging from deserts, the jungle or the Antarctic, the C212 is ready to operate in extremely demanding circumstances. Its unequalled STOL performance and sturdy landing gear with low-pressure tires allow unrestricted operations on soft and unpaved fields, in hot and high altitude conditions.

Furthermore, the C212’s excellent handling qualities and its fast engine response enable the highest level of manoeuvrability at very low altitudes close to the ground without interfering with the safety of the crew and passengers on board. The C212 is cleared for 3g manoeuvres with a sustained turn radius of only 225 m.
The perfect cabin to suit the operational needs
The perfect cabin
Superior mission flexibility is inherent to the C212. Easy on-load and off-load procedures, cargo handling system compatible with standard military pallets, and reinforced heavy-duty floors ensure the C212 truly matches the concept of “one aircraft for many missions”. The internal configuration of the cabin can be quickly changed with the minimum tools and manpower requirements to suit the operational needs: palletised or un-palletised cargo, personnel transport, mixed transport, paratroop dropping, cargo aerial delivery, or medical evacuation operations.

Combining the most unobstructed, spacious, constant section cabin and the longest and full-width rear ramp in its class, the C212 optimises the concept of easy loading/offloading of bulky items from light vehicles to fighter aircraft engines or helicopter rotor blades. It can carry up to 2.8 tonnes/6,200lb of palletised cargo (two 88”x54” standard pallets) or bulky loads (light vehicles, fighter engines, spares, GSE, etc) secured to the reinforced floor by means of cargo nets, straps and tie-down rings. A roller system, consisting of two rows with lock devices, provides forward and rearward restraint for easy cargo loading and distribution and safe airdropping operations.
The perfect Cabin
The perfect cabin
The C212 is equipped with one crew door, the ramp door located at the rear of the fuselage and an emergency roof escape hatch on the front fuselage. In the rear part, one emergency door and a passenger door can be used for paratrooping.

The C212 can carry up to 25 troops or a mixed configuration of personnel/cargo/vehicle (10 troops + vehicle transport). Nineteen passengers can be accommodated in a liaison configuration. In paratrooping configuration, the foldable sidewall seats accommodate 24 paratroops, plus one jumpmaster. Paratroops can be dropped from the rear left passenger door or from the rear ramp door.

The C212 can be quickly configured for Medical Evacuation (Medevac). The standard configuration carries twelve stretchers, with four seated medical attendants. Structural mountings for stretchers are permanently installed.
Simple and robust for a wide variety of missions
Simple and robust for a wide variety of missions
The C212 has been produced in numerous special configurations, for example: flight calibration, maritime surveillance, aerial photography, airborne geophysics survey, skis-equipped, antipollution and rain cloud seeding.

Construction technologies and materials are optimised in a modular concept to reach a high degree of parts standardization and interchangeability. Strong airframe and simple general systems are key elements in the design philosophy of this military transport aircraft. The C212 retains the proven systems architecture of the previous versions, with many components having been upgraded. Compared with other tactical transport types, the current C212 has simpler systems architecture, more efficient structural design, better reliability and lower support costs. Outstanding reliability, demonstrated by more than three million flight hours, and supportability result in high aircraft availability and the lowest life-cycle cost in its class.
Simple and robust for a wide variety of missions
Two Honeywell/Allied Signal TPE-331-12 JR-701 C turboprop engines power the C212. The C212 avionics system supports present and future requirements for operating in both civil and military environments. It includes a four screen electronic flight instrument system (EFIS), weather radar integrated with EFIS, and integrated engine display system (IEDS) that displays engine and general systems parameters and warning messages. Optionally the C212 can also include a flight management system (FMS) with embedded GPS.

Simple design and maintenance, and the lowest life cycle costs are the key points of the most successful aircraft in the light transport segment.